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Immigration law concerns the admission and removal of non-citizens or immigrants. Just some of the broad forms of relief under immigration law include visas (permission to stay in the US for an extended amount of time), asylum/refugee status, and naturalization. Legal issues may include visa and permanent residency revocation, de-naturalization and removal proceedings. Immigration law is highly complex and it is incredibly risky to apply for status in the United States without an attorney. Take care in handling your immigration matter and contact Sheri.


Criminal law concerns crimes and offenses against the state by members of the public. Sheri handles cases originating in Maryland District Courts. Cases include, but are not limited to, Traffic Violations, Theft, and Second Degree Assault. The outcome of a criminal case depends on the crime charged, the evidence presented, the constitutionality of law enforcement methods and courtroom procedure, and the strategies taken by the defense attorney and the prosecutor.


Although DUI’s/DWI’s are serious and criminal in nature, they are generally charged as misdemeanors in Maryland District Courts. A client may elect however, to “pray” a jury trial, and the case will get transferred to the Circuit Court in that jurisdiction. A DUI/DWI conviction can result in jail time, especially for subsequent offenders, if the appropriate defenses are not made. There is also an administrative aspect to getting a DUI/DWI charge in Maryland because the MVA may try to suspend or restrict someone’s license or get an ignition interlock system put into their car. There is a very limited time to request a hearing to try and keep this from happening!


Family law covers the area of the law that deals with divorce, separation, marital property division, alimony, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, parental rights, child custody & visitation, child support, modifications and relocation, paternity, adoption, domestic violence, and protective orders. Family law issues are usually complex, but Sheri can help you manage the period of high stress and make informed decisions.


A will is a document containing a person’s instructions as to what to do with their property and assets after he or she dies. It is a written statement, signed in compliance with the various formalities covered under Maryland Law. The only way to insure that your property will go those whom you choose, as opposed to those chosen by your state of residence or where you own real estate, is to make a valid will.


Auto accident law is a subset of personal injury law that deals with legal claims that arise when personal injuries or property damage arise from a traffic collision. Usually, establishing negligence is vital in a car accident lawsuit since it usually determines who is at fault. Once it is established who is responsible for the damages, the injured party may seek compensation for medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, or even earning capacity. Sheri can help you to get the compensation you deserve.